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10 February 2008

once again, with gusto...

My foray into the art market scene took a lot out of me. Add in a few more personal factors and you get one big slump. But I'm back on track and ready to revive sin.thesis as I take a break from focusing on selling at fairs.

Perhaps a better way to put it is that I'm taking a break from focusing on selling. I have really enjoyed working on each piece that I've made, and their scale had less to do with marketability than with spontaneous exploration of a new medium. I would create based on whims I wanted to test, techniques I wanted to dabble in, and existing forms I wanted to collage. Lately, I've felt the need to progress to more planned, complete works that perhaps are more suitable for galleries than fairs or even But that doesn't bother me anymore. I'm less concerned with the business aspect of sin.thesis as I am with growing as a metalsmith. That isn't to say I won't be updating my etsy store with my new work and trying fairs again in the near future!

I've found a satisfying balance between working on large scale designer pieces and still being able to network and market my jewelry in my recent association with NoLA Rising, a post-Katrina art campaign encouraging people in New Orleans to publicly display works of art for the purpose of rebuilding and restoring the human spirit in NoLA. I've designed the first two pieces of my NoLA Rising series, which went on sale today and are based on NoLA Rising founder ReX Dingler's fleur de lis emblem.

A purchase of a NoLA Rising piece shows your support for our rebirth in two ways: it is a visual representation of our combined creative spirit as well as monetary aid in the achievement of NoLA Rising's goals (a portion of sales will benefit the group). Plus, they just look sharp!

Stay tuned for more designs and updates!