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27 November 2007

snug as a...bat in a hat?

I just went to Nashville to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time, but it was cold! It's considerably warmer back home in New Orleans, but I'd still like some winter gear, especially since half of my head is shaved into a mohawk. I have dreads, but not a full head of them of course, so I'm looking for a skull cap.

So if you're worried about losing body heat through your head--I've always heard 80% is lost--you might want to check out these hats that will keep you warm and make you look hot.

The soft explosion hat by yarnings by sienna She calls is a grenade/hedgehog.

red crochet hat with black accents by lazy mama designs . Can you tell I like red and black yet?

microsuede beanie by Rin the Red.

Beatrice hat by Electric Bluebird

purple skullcap by Cabo Designs

purple and black fun fur beanie by Melon Bean

Stay warm! And look for my next showcase on displays as I gear up for my first art market!


Artlife said...

great collection of hats!

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